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New Unit Numbers

New unit numbers have been installed on all units that did not have them under the lights and visible by first responders at all hours.   A big thank you to Kathy, Sally and Marcia for your efforts on procuring and installing these.   They look great!

Rose Garden Villas Spring Newsletter

The Spring Newsletter has been posted on the Owners Only page.  Thank you Marica for the great job on this!

Flush Reminder

 As toilet paper has become scarce, this is just a quick reminder to never flush anything but toilet paper down your toilets. Wipes (even flushable ones!), paper towels, tissues, and anything else will cause serious damage to our lift station resulting in expensive repairs.

Please inform any guests or renters you may have staying with you or in your unit.

Amended and Restated Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations

 The new publicly recorded Rose Garden Villas Amended and Restated Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations have been posted on the Owners Only and File Download pages. 

The Board would like to thank the members who took time to review the documents in their entirety.  Instead of having 16 separate registered documents, we now have 1 registered document that includes the Declaration, the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations.  The numerous Bylaw Amendments are now contained in the 1 new document. 

Password reminder

If you have forgot or don't have a password to the Owners Only section, please go to the COMMENTS section and send a note with your name, unit and email address.   You will get an email back with instructions on setting up a new password.

Your 2020 Board

Kathy Keblis, President

Ron Lord., Secretary

Sally Sprague, Treasurer

Kay Knee, Vice President

Marcia Bowers, Director.