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Summer Newsletter


Greetings to all RGV residents!  We wanted to provide you with some updates!

 FASCIA WORK: Lee’s Painting & Carpentry, Inc. will be on RGV property performing fascia work on our six condo buildings.  We need about 330 sq. ft. of new boards to replace irreparable boards.  Other sections of fascia will be re-nailed and caulked.  All building fascia will be primed and painted.  Fascia damage occurs over time by lack of paint, intense sun and driving rain. 

SEWAGE BACKUP:  Building 400: Thanks to the folks in building 400 for their patience after a major sewer backup.  Avis Plumbing attended on numerous occasions.  After having the sewage removed from lower units, a camera was inserted into the sewer line to identify the blockage.  With a sewer machine and a camera they were able to identify a broken irrigation pipe.  They snaked the sewer lines to clean out tree roots that invaded the pipe. Avis needed to locate and expose each unit’s cleanouts which was an onerous task given the age and the now dense landscaping materials. Once again, Avis Plumbing needed to pump out our lift station and again they found a lot of grease accumulation and had to clean the tank.  Please tell your guests and tenants to refrain from putting any greasy products down the toilets and sinks.  For those with cats – do NOT put kitty litter down the toilets as it hardens and clumps plugging the sewage system.   This is such a preventable, unnecessary expense.

 HONEY BEES AND WASP INFESTATIONS – North Side: Pest Max Control Solutions attended on multiple occasions.  We would get rid of bees in/on one building, they would move to the next building.  The bees went into soffit areas, in wall voids, attics, etc.  Walls needed to be cut open so crews could extract the bees and a 60 lb. hive!  Wasp nests were also removed.  So much for honey bees becoming extinct! 

NEW SIGNS IN THE SPA AREA AND ON THE GATES:   Signs were erected by the spa timers as turning the dials back to off kept breaking the timer mechanism.  No Glass Signs were also posted on the pool gates to inform residents, guests and tenants that glass of any type (bottles, drinking glasses, glass dishes, etc. can be brought into the pool, spa and deck areas.  Not only can glass cut people, the pools would need to be closed down and completely drained if glass is broken.  Additionally, no drinks or food is to be consumed in the pool or within 3’ from the edge (wet deck) of the pool.  You may eat or drink at the tables provided or under the tiki hut.   If you see an offender, please tell them to remove their glass products and to eat or drink at the tables provided.  These are Florida State Health Department rules. 

  GOVERNANCE DOCUMENT REVIEW: A decision was made in 2018 to set aside funds in 2019 to cover the legal costs associated with hiring a lawyer to assist the Board when reviewing the Condominium Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.  Rose Garden Villas documents have never been updated to conform to many new Statutes.  Our current documents were dated in the 1980’s and lawyers had pointed out that not only did they not conform to new legislation in the past 30 years, but were unable to take advantage of certain benefits.  The Board, with Rob Cooper’s guidance, have now prepared a draft set that encompasses all 3 documents.  We feel the new set of documents is much clearer, more concise, adheres to present legislature, and is easier for everyone to review and understand.  We outline the anticipatedtimeline for this process below:  Board holds governance review committee meetings (Jan – April)  Board engages with Rob Cooper (lawyer) for direction (Jan – May)  Rob Cooper (lawyer) prepares his final draft (May\June)  Board approves Rob Cooper’s draft versions of Condo Declaration, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations (July)  Board to email the 3 documents to all owners for owner review (Aug/Sept)  Board to hold a Special Meeting at American Condo Management to answer questions (Oct)  Vote on new Governance Documents (Nov\Dec)  

  All RGV forms are on our website.  If you are having guests stay in your condo when you are absent – the Guest Form is to be filled out and sent to Robin Rodriguez at American Condo Management.   There is an Owner’s Section that the Board Agendas and Board Minutes are on.  This is password protected – contact Ron Lord at  or (239) 443-0314 to obtain a password.  There is a section for Owner’s Comments – feel free to complete.  Any ideas you wish to share???  

  A reminder that Darlene Viebrock (unit 203) is the Landscaping Rep on the south side and that Vice-President, Sally Sprague (unit 601) is the Landscaping Rep on the north side.  They have Landscape Forms that you can access from these 2 ladies or once again, they are on our website.  Complete the form, send it to Robin Rodriguez at American Condo Management and she will bring ideas or concerns to the Board for review.  If you see a broken irrigation head (you will hear it during the night) kindly take a photo so we know the location.     If there is any damage to property, we would appreciate you bringing it to our attention and a photo is very valuable.    The Board is currently reviewing submitted proposals for landscaping services.

  WELCOME TO: We will welcome new owner Dianne Zegowitz (unit 302) and bid farewell to Leo MacKeller and Tami Renkoski on June 21, 2019.  We also welcome Guy and Linda Thorell (unit 407) and say our goodbyes to Cary and Karen Brenner (unit 407).

WE WILL REMEMBER:  Sadly, we recently lost Fred Morreale (unit 403) and Todd Lockhart (unit 401), two long-time residents of RGV.  We extend our condolences to Nancy and her family and to Fred’s family. You will be missed… 

 NEWSLETTERS: Should you wish to add anything to our Newsletters – we welcome your input!   Contact Doreen ( and we will be happy to share your news.
 Stay safe everyone and enjoy the summer wherever you are!

Board Meeting Minutes

The Governance Documents review  meeting 1 minutes have been posted in the Owners Only section. Also the minutes from  the March 6th and March 26th Meetings.

Your 2019 Board

Barry Jenkins, President

Doreen Y., Secretary

Ron Lord, Treasurer

Sally Sprague, Vice President

Kathy Keblis, Director.